Preparing to move

We arrived at the camp 3 hours before dawn.  Everyone in the camp was awake, either packing things onto makeshift carts, or helping the injured prepare to be moved.  Aldar and I decided to get some rest before the big move, so I went to my cot and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I awoke, I was temporarily blinded by the sunlight, which was odd because I was originally in an alcove inside the hospital and it was always dark in there.  As my eyes began to adjust, I realized that it was the middle of the day and I was laying on the grass outdoors.  My cot, the hospital, everything and everyone was gone.  I quickly got to my feet to look around and find anything or anyone, but there was nothing.  The forest appeared as if our ship had never crashed into the area.  I went to yell out, call for help, but I couldn’t make any sound come out.  I could feel myself talking, but I couldn’t hear myself.  I couldn’t hear anything except dead silence, and the silence quickly became deafening.

I began running around looking for anything to make noise.  I broke twigs, kicked gravel, went to the lake and started splashing water, but nothing, no noise at all.  I was yelling, screaming, crying even, but nothing.  I fell to my knees in defeat, feeling lost, alone, and scared.  It was then that I began to hear a whisper.

“Kaaaaaaaaaaat… Kaaaaaaaaaat…” the voice called out, almost in an angelic tone, “Over here Kaat…”

I began looking around for the source of the voice, but not seeing anything or anyone.  I got up and started searching behind trees, running through the forest to find the source of the voice.  I came to an open clearing, but still nothing.  As I ran, I occasionally caught glimpses of a little Draenei girl, darting in and out of trees, disappearing before I was even sure I saw something.  As I went round another tree, suddenly there she was, in my face.

“Kaat,” she said, and then she was gone.  I was awake.


“Huh, wha…”

“I said ‘Are you ready Kaat?’  You seem distracted.”

“I’m awake Aldar.  What do you need?”

“It’s morning, everything’s packed, and we’re moving out.  Are you ready to go?”

“… yeah.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It was just a dream.  Can we just not talk about it?”

“Sure, I’ll just leave you for a moment.  Just come outside when you’re ready.”

I got up and put what little armor I had on.  As I dressed, I thought about my dream.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that I knew the little girl.  Obviously I knew her because she’s Draenei and, well, there aren’t very many of us around anymore, but I felt like I really knew her.  What worried me the most was that I also felt like she had died a long time ago.

I walked out into the morning light.  Fog still clung heavily to the air, the sun just peaking over the hill.  Everyone was frantically running around, desperate to move out, doing some last minute packing.  Aldar was at the head of the group, along with several other prominent Draenei.  I moved up to join them.

“Kaat, glad you’re here.  We’re moving out shortly, but first I want to give you something,” Aldar said.  He walked over to a nearby cart and pulled out something wrapped in a cloth.

“I know you like to piss people off and get hit, so I figured you could use this shield.”  He handed me an old, warped wooden shield.  It was in bad condition, but it was better than nothing.

“I also found you this,” he said, handing me a shiny, almost new looking sword, “I know how much you prefer swords, and when I saw this getting packed, I knew I had to grab it for you.”  It was beautiful, super sharp, and ready for anything, as was I.  I sheathed the sword and put the shield on my back and then we moved out.


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