Finding a way out

I couldn’t sleep that night. Knowing that the blood elves were on the same island as us, and that they knew we were here, I just couldn’t rest knowing that they could attack at any time. I needed to help find us a way out of here and soon. I found Zhanaa, an engineer who liked to tinker, and we began talking about trying to find others. She figured we had enough parts to build a communicator, but she was missing a few crystals necessary to complete it. We had already searched most of the island for them except around the owlkin.

We went and reluctantly visited the owlkin. The owlkin found the crystals we needed and were happy to get rid of them after the water poisoning fiasco. While Zhanna finished working on the communicator, I continued searching for a way off of the island. I searched high and low, even going back towards where I killed all the blood elves, but I couldn’t find anything. I decided to visit the owlkin again, see if there was a way out on the other side of their village, but there wasn’t. I went back to Zhanaa just in time as she finished up the communicator. As we turned it on, Dyvuun appeared on the screen.

“Hel… Can you he… me? Is anyo… live out there?” Dyvuun said, broken up by static.

“Zhanna, can you clear it up?” I asked.

“I can try, give me a second.”

“Dyvuun, can you hear me? Dyvuun, this is Kaat, come in, over.”

“Kaat, I ca… ear you, but bear… We are tr… to pinpoint your loca…”

“Dyvuun, do you know where we are? We need to get out of this valley, there are blood elves here and we have many injured.”

“Blood el… you say? We ne… to get yo… off that island quickly.”


“Yes, isla… just to… southea… of our loca… Head west and yo… should fin… a way out. We ha… some surviv… come from there. They sa… there was a vall… and a path out.”

“Thank you Dyvuun, we will prepare to leave immediately. Zhanna, tell the others, we’re leaving.”

We began collecting all the gear, getting everyone who can walk to help those who can’t, arming those in greatest health, and having everyone else carry everything they could. As they prepared, I scouted ahead to find the path. I went back to the place where I found Tolaan and headed west. It was quiet, just the wind. I immediately knew something was wrong because there was no wildlife anywhere around. I was being followed by three blood elves. Luckily I was also being followed by Aldar, but they didn’t have to know that.

They knew they had been found out the moment I ducked behind a large tree. They rushed towards the tree, swing wildly around the corner as they ran to hit me. I wasn’t there anymore, I was up in the tree. They turned around, looking in all directions for me when I struck. I leaped out of the tree, quickly and quietly, kicking the closest two in the back, knocking them sprawling across the ground. As I continued towards the ground I brought my hammer down on the third one’s head, cracking her skull. As I ran over and killed the second, Aldar came out of hiding and killed the third.

“I had them Aldar.”

“I know you did, but I didn’t want to let you have all the fun.”

“Thanks for following me.”

“How long did it take you to notice I was behind you?”

“I figured you would, but it took about five minutes before I sensed it.”

“Good, have you seen or heard anything else?”

“No, I think we’re good to go.”

“Good, I agree. Now, let’s find this path.”

We continued heading west, reaching the steep hills and then headed north along the wall. As we walked I saw a crack of light shining through the wall. We had found a short, narrow path through the hills and walked through to the other side. As we cleared the wall, we looked north and south, seeing large bodies of water on each side, and a river connecting them right in front of us. We then looked up across the river and saw a wonderful sight. A huge island, much larger than the one we were standing on. A sense of relief came over us, as we knew everything was going to be fine.

“This is great,” I said, “I think we’ll be alright.”

“Yes, yes we will. Are you ready to go back? It’s getting late, we need to move out now in order to get back in time to move everyone at dawn.”

“… yeah, let’s go,” I said, hoping I would get to see this beautiful sight again.


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