The first night

The first night
We had recovered enough people who were in good shape that they began taking over the recovery operations, so, as night fell, I finally had a chance to sit down and recuperate.  Out back, behind the makeshift medical facility, which was actually a large broken part of our ship, was a small, shining lake and stream.  All the fires had been put out, and all the people had been found and rescued in that area, so I began heading that way to sit by the water.

I got farther and farther from the sights and smells of the building, meandering along, enjoying the crisp, cool breeze.  The moon began rising over the hill side, and I was greeted with a beautiful sight.  The tiny little crystal fragments from our ship, scattered throughout the valley, all began reflecting the moonlight.  They looked like little stars all over the ground and in the trees.  It was difficult to discern where the ground ended and the sky began.

I made it to the lake’s edge, water lapping at the bank.  The water was crystal clear and quite cool.  I put my hooves into the water and began to rest for a bit.  After a few minutes I moved up from the water and leaned against a large tree.  It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.  I began to dream, first about home, then our ship, and then I began to dream about birds.  These weren’t just any little bird though, these were big birds, too big to fly, walking around.

Suddenly I realized I wasn’t dreaming, there really were giant birds walking around.  They also had antlers on their heads.  I had never seen a bird with antlers, but who was I to judge, I’ve got horns and hooves.  It was all fine, I just sat on the bank of the lake watching the birds, which I later found out are Owlkin, walking around, eating, and tending to fires.  It was fine, that is, right up until one that was behind my tree came around and attacked.


2 responses to “The first night

  1. Kaat,

    Good second posting about the initial challenges this Draenei was facing. I like the subtle detail and pace of the story. The ship’s crystals that had splintered off of the main craft shining in the moonlight was a great image idea. Honestly I had never given much thought to them when I leveled my first Draenei Paladin.

    Would love for the story to be longer or have more detail. But perhaps you are just wetting our appetite for more to come.

    Keep up great work.

    • Thank you! I want to write more and make my posts longer, but real life is effecting my time right now. Part of my difficulty is that I can see in my mind every single detail of what is going on, such as the direction that the grass is moving in the wind, how big the pebbles are next to the waters edge, and how the water splashing on them makes them shine in the light. I can even see every little pit and groove in the pebble and how they cause the light to be reflected at different angles as I move the pebble in my hand. The entire story plays out in my head just like a film, but I have a hard time writing down what I see. I either go overly detailed and the story quickly loses it’s pacing, or I try and speed up the pacing, but then it feels likes I’m not describing things well enough for the reader to really get a sense of exactly what I see. If I could, I would make this into a machinima blog, but the machinima tools available can’t convey the detail that I want, nor are they flexible enough for what I need. I’d basically have to re-create Azeroth in 3D Studio Max or Maya, along with the characters, enemies, and everything else to possibly get the detail of what I see, but I can’t, so I’ve chosen writing as my medium to tell my story. This is kind of like an experiment in improving my writing, and all critiques and criticisms are welcome, as it helps me to help you understand my story.

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